ibca-largeIBCA (International Barista Coffee Academy) is located in Tempe, AZ. IBCA was founded by SCAE Diploma holder Patrick O’Malley. IBCA is proud to offer the SCAE Diploma System at our Tempe Arizona training facility. IBCA is the only SCAE Authorized training center in the Americas.

Our state of the art training center is equipped with all necessary equipment and supplies in order to teach all of the modules of the SCAE Diploma System.

The SCAE Diploma System is an education system aimed to meet the needs of coffee professionals everywhere and at every level. It is a controlled and certified system with a curriculum written and updated by the best and brightest minds in the coffee industry and is recognized worldwide.

Certifications are based both on technical knowledge and practical examinations. Students earn credits toward the SCAE Diploma. Coffee Introduction earns 10 credits, Foundation level earns 5 credits, Intermediate earns 10 credits, and professional earns 25 credits. To achieve the full Coffee Diploma, 100 credits or more are required.

We also offer classes for novices, coffee enthusiasts, and those with a “thirst for knowledge” when it comes to coffee knowledge. Patrick O’Malley, owner and director of the IBCA, and is a proud SCAE Diploma holder. He is only the 43rd person in the world to achieve this incredible milestone.

IBCA has trained students from all over the world including: China, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Canada and Mexico. As well as students from across the US, including, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho

Questions? Check out our website or call our Tempe offices directly at (480) 731-3236!