IBCA courses will increase your coffee knowledge and skills regardless of what area of the business you are in. From barista (new or experienced) to salesperson or coffee shop owner, anyone who works in the coffee industry will benefit from the knowledge and experienced learned in our IBCA courses.

This course lays the foundation for all subsequent IBCA classes, and is a great way to “get a taste” of the IBCA curriculum.

Spend time in the classroom, then receive substantial “hands on” training designed to bring your skill set as a barista up to current standards and your understanding of coffee/milk to the next level.

Learn all technical and scientific facets of coffee roasting, identify coffee at all stages of roasting, and get an in-depth knowledge of what is involved in micro-roasting coffees.

Learn the fundamentals of formal coffee analysis; develop keen sensory skills, formal cup tasting protocol, and proper terminology used in the coffee industry.

Learn significant background, science, and history of the unroasted or immature “Coffee Bean” (actual “seed”). All aspects of Green Coffee from botany and agronomy to storage and decaffeination will be covered in these classes.

Learn the importance and interaction of all grinding and extraction methods, as well as brewing styles typically used in the coffee industry. These classes are an excellent preparation for the Green Coffee class.

These courses were designed with the “home” coffee lover in mind! They are shorter and less intensive courses, which will provide anyone with basic barista, grinding+brewing, and roasting skills.

This course is ideal for the technical coffee enthusiast, coffee shop owner/manager, and general technician who would like to hone their technical and repair skills and/or offer maintenance and technical services to their clients.

These options were created purely on demand from our students and clients. Additional information and services are offered not covered in the IBCA curriculum.