December 16, 2011

Machine Maintenance + Technical Course

This course is ideal for the coffee enthusiast, coffee shop owner/manager, and general technician who would like to hone their technical and repair skills and/or offer maintenance and technical services to their clients.  This class is offered by appointment, and is designed to be a Basic 1-day class, an Advanced 3-day class or an Intensive all-inclusive 5-day training class.
Please call for pricing and find out the latest class schedules available for the Machine Maintenance and Technical Course.

Basic Maintenance + Technical Class

will cover the following topics:

  • Filter Coffee/Tea Brewers, Overview of typical machines, and typical trouble shooting
  • Advanced Filter Coffee/Tea Brewer and Programming for Profile Brewing
  • Filter Coffee Grinders Overview Basic Grinders and Advanced Programing for Profile Brewing
  • Traditional Auto and Semi-Auto Espresso Machine Overview
  • Espresso Grinder Overview Traditional Dosing Type vs. On Demand

This is a 1-day class. $595 (includes all materials, pastries and lunch).

Advance Maintenance + Technical Class

includes topics/material covered in the Basic Class, plus:

  • Hydraulic Circuit of Traditional Espresso Machines Automatic and Semi Auto: Course will cover complete typical Hydraulic Circuit of these machines and disassemble them to the boiler, address troubleshooting, components, and potential issues you will run into, and then re-assemble.
  • Electrical and Electronics of Traditional Espresso Machines Automatic and Semi-Automatic
  • Types, Parts, Schedules and Sales. Including filtration PMs
  • Resources for Traditional Machines. We will go over available resources for Parts, Machines, and Technicians who can help with Troubleshooting, Installation Supplies and Filtration. You will be given a complete list of contacts.
  • Overview of Super-automatics, Programing, learning program keys and codes
  • Espresso Making and Milk Frothing using MPS and Turbo Steam, TIPS/Tricks to ensuring machines function with the coffee and milk the customers requires
  • Types, parts, schedules and sales. Including filtration
  • Resources for Supers. We will go over all available resources for parts, machines, techs who can help with troubleshooting, installation supplies and filtration. You will be given a complete list of contacts.
  • Getting Intimate with Supers
  • You will take apart a Cimbali M1 MPS and Cimbali M2 Turbo; go over all troubleshooting, components, hydraulics, electrical and electronics

This is a 3-day class. $1,395 (includes all materials, pastries and lunch).

Intensive Maintenance + Technical Class

includes topics/materials covered in the Advance Class, plus:

  • ONE FULL DAY OF FIELD EXPERIENCE. You will shadow our technician on scheduled call to perform PM’s on Traditional and Super-automatics. You will observe/perform at least 3 service calls on machines in the field including grinders and filter coffee machines. There will be a 1-hour lunch break during the FIELD EXPERIENCE.
  • Review and Practice. You will have the 1st half of the day to review, ask questions, and take notes. You may then practice on any desired machines.
  • Resources, selling PMs and housekeeping…we’ll review tools and contacts you will need for parts, supplies, and machines.

This is a 5-day Intensive course. $2,795 (includes all materials, pastries and lunch).