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Learn to be a Barista


Foundation and Intermediate classes are available for anyone looking to learn the art of a Barista. Professional level classes are also available.

Grinding & Brewing


Did you know that how you grind and brew can dramatically alter how your customer’s point of view of espresso?

Latte Art


Latte art builds on the delicacies and intricacies of every cup. Learn to make latte art.

Home Brewing


Do you want your cup of espresso at home to have that “restaurant” quality. Learn the “in’s & outs” of brewing and roasting at the convenience of your home.

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Recent Work

This course lays the foundation for all subsequent IBCA classes, and is a great way to “get a taste” of the IBCA curriculum.

Spend time in the classroom, then receive substantial “hands on” training designed to bring your skill set as a barista up to current standards and your understanding of coffee/milk to the next level.

Learn all technical and scientific facets of coffee roasting, identify coffee at all stages of roasting, and get an in-depth knowledge of what is involved in micro-roasting coffees.

Learn the fundamentals of formal coffee analysis; develop keen sensory skills, formal cup tasting protocol, and proper terminology used in the coffee industry.