November 9, 2012

Roasting Classes

(Foundation, Intermediate, Professional Levels)

(Must complete Sensory Cup Tasting and Green Coffee Foundation Level before registering for Roasting courses)

Roasting Foundation Level

The focus of this class is to get some basic impressions and understanding (mainly physical) of the product and roasting process.  They are instructed to do some basic distinguishing between green coffee and roasted coffee, identify change in roaster flame control, repeat the process of timing a roast temperature evolution, repeat how to weigh and record the moisture of green and roasted coffee, and identify the first crack.

Full Day IBCA Course ONLY (not SCAE certified)– Roasting Foundation Level

$635.00 (includes all materials)

Full Day IBCA Course+SCAE Certification – Roasting Foundation Level

$695.00 (includes all materials)

Roasting Intermediate Level

(Students must have passed IBCA or SCAE Roasting Foundation Level to register)

In this class, students will learn and easily be able to identify the color range of roasted coffee beans, as well as understand the cup result with different roast profiles. You will be taught the steps required to the install a coffee roaster…including different heat, energy sources and materials needed for a professional roaster. Students will be guided through the roasting stages, physical reactions, chemical reactions, browning process and how different environmental conditions can affect the roast. They will be able to determine different defects of the roast, how air quality can affect roasting, maintenance of the machine, and how to stop a possible roaster fire. Finally, learn about different types of roasters and given the tools to set up and design a typical micro roasting facility.

2-3 Day IBCA Course+SCAE Certification – Roasting Intermediate Level
$1,095 (includes all materials, pastries and lunch) 

Roasting Professional Level

(Students must have passed IBCA or SCAE Roasting Intermediate Level to register)

Our Roasting Professional Level class takes a more practical approach than Intermediate Level, thus taking the student further into the world of roasting. More time will be spent in actual roasting sessions. Students will roast 3 batches of the same coffee to a pre-determined color range (within 10 points) as a target. You will learn to identify coffee roasted at different times and temps in a cup tasting session. We will dive deeper into the science of coffee, chemical makeup of coffee and chemical reactions of roasted coffee and will have the ability to profile roast.

3-4 Day IBCA Course+SCAE Certification – Roasting Professional Level
$1,950 (includes all materials, pastries and lunch)